Moving with children

Children consider their home as their safe haven and will often not envisage ever moving away. Every child is different and will have a different reaction but usually it is recommended that talking together about your upcoming move well in advance gives your child or children time to get used to the idea.

Moving house with children
Children often like to be involved...

Children often like to be involved so why not make the whole experience into a huge adventure.

Be positive about the move (if you worry so will they) and welcome any questions they may have. Some questions may give the ideal opportunity to involve children in the move, maybe you could hand out a list of tasks that need completing so that they understand what is happening. Talk to them about their new room and how they would like it set out.

On move day it is advisable for young children to be looked after by a friend or relative but this, of course, may not always be possible.

When moving with young children explain to them exactly what is happening and what to expect on moving day. Let children pack some of their own boxes especially ones with their own toys in and try to make it fun. There are some really good books out there to help children understand the new situation of moving house, the main thing is not to make them feel left out.

Try to involve them as much as possible in the packing and sorting through of things, allow them to be responsible for their own rooms, and decide where to put things in their room. Make sure though that they don't unpack any boxes until the majority of their furniture is in place, they wouldn't want a removal man standing on their favourite toy as he struggles across a floor scattered with toys.

If you are travelling a long distance then you will usually set off to your new home after your removal team. At some point you should overtake them. Why not make it a game to look out for your removal lorry and don't forget to wave as you drive by. Long journeys can be very tedious for children so maybe pack a few games and have them in the car ready. You could give them a pen and paper and get them to plan out how they would like their new bedroom to look. Maybe buy a couple of new toys beforehand so they have something different to play with.

If your child or children are old enough then give them the task of using their phone to make a photographic record of the move, but make sure that they keep clear of the removal crew who could be carrying large items of furniture.
In the hustle and bustle of moving it is easy to overlook the concerns of young children experiencing this for a first time but together it can be an exciting and great experience that you enjoy sharing.